Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Update on my work so far...

Hey all, Im just got back from holiday and the next 2 weeks for me are going to be very busy.  Planning for the rest of my photos are still underway and hopefully I will be doing it sometime this week so then I can spend all of next week editing my photos and making sure that they are good!

My panel one photos have been printed out on been up on my board, spent all day yesterday doing that. And, they look so great!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Research - John Stezaker

John Stezaker attended the Slade School of Artin London graduating with a Higher Diploma in Fine Art in 1973. In the early 1970s, he was among the first wave of British conceptual artists to react against what was then the predominance of Pop art. His work is surreal in tone and is often made using collage and the appropriation of pre-existing images such as postcards, film stills, and publicity photographs.

The technique he uses very much interest's me and I like the how each photo is unique. This could work in some photos in panel two and many even in panel three, This artist model also relates back to my other one Duane Michels, so this can continue onto that. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Updating you on my work

I have almost about a month or so to complete my whole folio! Overall, the process of my work is going good but I am having a very hard time trying to use the artist models I have researched and put them into my work somehow. 

At the moment the artist models I am/have been using is:

  • Eadweard Muybridge
  • Keith Carter
  • Duane Michals
  • David Hilliard
  • Arthur Tress
The other artist models that I have research just haven't worked into my work, which I kinda had a funny feeling about. Panel one I love so much! I love how the high contrast has made these photos so 'out there' and interesting. Panel two I like but the two middle photos of the hand and arms are really annoying me so I will be needing to take some more photos and probably plan out some ideas of what I can put in there. Panel three is coming along quite nicely. I love the black and white effect as it makes it look like an old photo, which is the whole idea of that panel. I need to find some more artist models to use as the ones that I was originally going to use just have not work. So back to planning for that one. 

Overall, I reckon I should be done my whole panel by the due date if I keep going the way I am :)  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More ideas for panel three and some Research - Arthur Tress

Still planning for panel three seeing that I have not been able to take any photos lately because of the weather! I am waiting for a nice sunny day to be able to take photos and lately it has been horrible and cold so yea..

Looking through my artist models I don't even think I am going to be using the last ones I just put up. Im changing my mind all the time! I was looking around Duane Michals (one of my other artist models) and I found a guy called Arthur Tress. One of his pictures really stood out to me and I know the perfect place where to take this photo. I going to use this idea plus Duane by changing it around.

Google images

Ideas for panel three:

1) Using the garage as a setting. Thought that this could be kinda interesting looking back at my artist models seeing that there surroundings look dirty

2) Backyard. This can relate back to panel one with trees and flowers everywhere

3) Tables - Sally Mann uses this idea but I'm going to be using Michals as well.

4) Drive way - Take some laying down shots. Arthur uses this too

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Research - Sally Mann

Sally Mann is an American photographer, best known for her large black-and-white photographs—at first of her young children, then later of landscapes suggesting decay and death, now that isn't really want my work is about but taking pictures of young kids is seeing that I am the model. So, These photos really relate to what scene I want to be modeling around. 

In this photo I really like how she used the lighting to create shadows. I was interested in the picture that is on the chair, this gives me the idea of doing this with my mums modeling photos.

In this photo I really like how it was taken outside. In panel three I really want to relate it back to panel one as my mum modeling outside, so going out in the back yard doing this would be a good idea to get some scenery in there too.

I really like how the lighting was used in the photo to create shadows. This gives me a idea of using clothes as seen in the photo. Gives me the chance to use props. 

Research - Laura Pannack

I finally have found some artist models! (which are woman YAY! sick of guy artist models)

Laura Pannack is a British social documentary and portrait photographer, based in London. Since 2008, she has received awards for her work and had solo exhibits. Her works are often of children and teenagers which is pretty much the whole idea of panel three seeing that I am the model representing childhood and that I am a teenager.

Little note: I honestly have NO IDEA how I am going to take these photos, seeing I am the one who is meant to be taking the photos. Guessing I might have to use a tripod or stack up chairs which I did in my last photo-shot which was a lot of hard work, but got there in the end.

These three photos where the ones that stood out the most for me and is kinda what I want to be doing. Seeing I am going to have to act all MODEL like its going to be a little tricky but worth it.

I am going to try and put in some photos from when my mum was modeling.

I really want to use black and white in these photos!!! I don't know whether I can use it or not!

Laura Pannack webiste 

I really like how she used the lighting in this photo as it is straight on the model.

Laura Pannack website

Laura Pannack Webiste

Now, this photo I really like as it show the rule of thirds. I like how the model is in the centre of the picture and that you are able to see the surrounding. I also like how the lighting is straight on the model which I will be doing.

Analyzing time...

Here is what my work looks like so far, I made a few changes by getting rid of some black frames and putting them in panel two to make a connection between the two sets. Planning is still underway for panel three and hopefully I will be taking photos either tonight or later on in the week. Have found some artist models to reflect my work, its been very hard trying to find what will work in my photography but got there in the end. I am trying to stick with the blue filter throughout my work. 

Analyzing series in my work... 

These series of work I based them on one of my artist models  Eadweard Muybridge. The techniques I used from him is using the black frames and the grids. (Funny enough I didn't even plan on using a blue filter, its just how it turned out.. I like it and I am now using in throughout my whole work).
In this series of work I based it on Keith Carter. Using his blurring technique of making it look like the work is fading back to the past which really is what my work is about. He also uses quite a low contrast in his work and that was what I tried to do in my work.
Although this is only a small series of work I tried to combine both Muybridge and Carter together using the black frames and the blurring technique.
 In this series of work for panel two I used both Muybridge by using the black frames so it makes a connection between both panel one and two. I also used Duane Michals by using the same photo on top of each other but my changing it around as you can see in middle second row. I also used him on the other photos by using a sheet behind us which he does in some of his photos. The top row also reflected to him when we are making different facial expressions in each the photo's. I also started in introduce David Hilliard by using white frames.

In this series of work I used David Hilliard using white lines to sepreate parts of the image. I also used Duane Michals too by using the same technique as I did in the last series, and by using a sheet in the background.

(The hands I do not know about yet, whether I should include it in this panel)

In this small series of work I used Hilliard, Muybridge and Michals. In the middle photo I put either me or my mum on top of the opposite one (if that makes any sense). I really like how that photo turned out. I also used Hilliard too by using white lines. I used the black frames from Muybridge to by using the black frames.